Care Coordinator

Care coordinators are employed by Derbyshire Community Health Services and work within GP practices in South Derbyshire as part of the Community Support Team (CST), to support and enhance integrated care delivery in the community.

The main aim of the care coordinator is to help to avoid unplanned and inappropriate hospital admissions. They do this by liaising with colleagues and other health and social care professionals to help to support and coordinate the care of patients within a GP practice identified as being at ‘high risk’ of their current situation deteriorating and who may benefit from a multi-agency approach either through referrals and/or analysis of available data (e.g. frequent attendees to A&E or out of hours services).

They provide a free service to anyone over the age of 18 to help support and act on your behalf as the link between all the different services and organisations in the community.

If you are an older adult the Care Co-ordinator can help you get the support you need to remain independent in your own home for as long as possible.

If you are a family member or carer of someone and you also feel you need some extra help, support or information – they can help with that too. They can also help you access local support and volunteer groups.

If you feel you could benefit from this service, give us a call and we will arrange for the Care Coordinator to contact you.